Thursday, October 30, 2008

Getting Started!

You would think at the ripe old age of 46, more than 20 years in business, an almost 17 year old son and a decade long business/personal relationship that "getting started" would NOT be a phrase in my vocabulary! Au contraire, mon amis...

Environs, the company I own along with my long-time partner in love and crime, Terry Kitts, is finally launching a Blog so we can share our wealth of knowlege and experiences with anyone who might be interested. I'm hoping to get him set up with his own Blog as well but for now, I'll be posting my own stories and information along with some from him. Frankly, his are generally more interesting. For example, yesterday, while investigating a malfunctioning furnace at one of our rental properties, the cause was determined to be an unlucky bird who found its way into some part of the equipment, apparently some time ago. Yuk! Today, after much thought as to what was making our leaky, but perfectly sized, coffee pot leak, he clipped a wire and fixed it! Most of us would have tossed it and spent endless hours shopping for another.

I, on the other hand, spent countless hours yesterday organizing email lists, producing marketing material (not my expertise) and accounting for the dollars flowing in and mostly out, of our business. Not so exciting. I'm hoping to have more entertaining entries in the future that can be helpful, informative and sometimes just plain fun. dawn