Tuesday, November 11, 2008

New Website!

The new website is live! We tried to keep the same look and feel but added a few new pages that we hope are of interest to our clients. The Home Buyer Programs are the most exciting. Lots of stuff is in the works to make it a really great market for first time buyers. Prices are right but properties need work so we are at the ready! HUD is dumping money in the system and we are watching it closely, attending meetings and making sure we are ready to participate.

Terry didn't fix anything unusual this week that I know of but we are heading to our Colorado house next week and I'm sure will have lots to report on from there. A minor bathroom renovation is planned along with a few structural repairs. No telling what will happen. Hopefully we will get to ski a bit too! Keep an eye on our website for photos...

Now is a great opportunity to make sure the deferred maintenance on your home is brought current. You can benefit from good pricing due to the slow construction market and enjoy your improvements in the interim. So many of these projects get deferred until it's time to sell the house. Painting, flooring, electical and plumbing upgrades always have a good return on investment. There is the added benefit of keeping good subs in business. We are happy to refer ours for your small project.

Always (playing house),