Tuesday, February 3, 2009

On the Porch...

Last fall, we were featured in the Atlanta Journal and Constitution Homefinder in an article on front porches. Walkablity, New Urbanism and It Takes a Village all sound great in theory, but unless there is some sort of avenue for connection within a neighborhood, none of these great ideas get us anywhere. In the recent issue of Dwell (Feb 2009) magazine on page 36, Drew Himmelstien writes an article regarding the absence of front porches on Modern, sustainable homes. He speaks of a time when the streets were safe and children played outside until dusk. To quote the last paragraph of the article

"But there is another reason why porches are sustainable: They build communitity. When neighbors sit out front, they get to know each other, provide eyes on the street and create safer, more pleasant, more walkable neighborhoods. It's enough to make you thirst for a tall, icy glass of lemonaide."

So, when considering your next renovation or face lift, ask yourself if you need a porch. Ours is our favorite room in the house 8 months out of the year. We know all our neighbors (and their pets) and will continue to encourage our friends and clients to add this often forgotten but charming element of architecuture back to their homes.

'til next week...

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